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Discover a summer full of colourful excitement with Goblies' Paintballs and Play Paint! Dedicated to creating safe, eco-friendly outdoor fun.
​Goblies have developed a unique alternative to the traditional paintball game. Their range of Throwable Paintballs are non-toxic and washable, offering customers all the thrills of the original game, yet without mess or pain. The advantage of Goblies is their innovation and utilisation of bio-based materials. Throwable Paintballs feature an outer membrane carefully crafted from eco-friendly seaweed extract, ensuring a more environmentally responsible choice for vibrant and safe summer fun!  

Goblies Play Paint is also a fantastic alternative to water guns. This colourful goo is designed to be squirted, adhering to any target. Just like Throwable Paintballs, Goblies Play Paint rinses off effortlessly with water, making it the ideal choice for outdoor fun.  

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