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Djubi are creators of active toys for all ages. Djubi's revolutionary range has redefined the traditional catch-and-throw game, launching balls at an astonishing distance of over 40 metres!

The original Djubi Slingball game is the ultimate game of catch. Just hook it, launch it and catch it. Have fun launching and catching the ball in the innovative racquet net.

Their range also includes Dartball, a fun accuracy game with a target, and Parashoot – a fun parachute toy that launches high into the air. Where will your parachute land?

Djubi’s range encourages individuals of all ages to disconnect from screens, and embrace the fresh air and the exhilaration of movement. With their unique yet simple designs, anyone can take part and enjoy the great outdoors!

Step into the world of Djubi Outdoor with the ultimate game of catch! Now let's get outside and play!

Some of the products in this range

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