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Marvin's Magic

Marvin's Magic
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For 30 years Marvin’s Magic has led innovation and offered award-winning magic to beginners and enthusiasts globally. Since its inception in 1987, their range has won 8 prestigious awards, such as Children’s Gift of the Year, Collectible and Electronic Toy of the Year as well as Outstanding Contribution in both the magic and the toy and hobby categories.

Whether you are a budding magician or a seasoned professional, Marvin's Magic offers an impressive range of tricks, illusions, and stunts suitable for every skill level. Additionally, with the convenience of QR code video instructions and the Marvin’s Magic app, customers gain exclusive access to tips, tricks, instructional videos, and even VR automation. And that's not all – Marvin’s Magic also offers a fantastic collection of art that comes to life!  

Everything's better with a touch of magic. 

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