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Our Brands

You Monkey proudly represents award-winning game, toy, gift and homeware lines from around the world.

We are known for being on-brand and relevant with our wholesale selections. We choose brands based on their presence, point of difference, quality, the desire to continually innovate, and the calibre of their digital assets. 

You Monkey Brands
We are the exclusive New Zealand wholesaler for the game, toy, gift and homeware brands shown on this site. 

Interested in ordering our exclusive brands, or looking for a leading wholesaler?


(Australia) - a unique take on the classic alphabet book. This range promotes important values while highlighting inspirational legends.

Learn more about Alphabet Legends >


(UK) – quirky, light-hearted and fun board and card games for all ages. Innovative, award-winning game designs.

Learn more about Clarendon Games >

Djubi-Logo-1 (1).png

(Australia) – range of active toys encourages people of all ages to disconnect from screens, embrace the fresh air and the exhilaration of movement. 

Learn more about Djubi >

GF TAB LOGO_RGB_edited.png

(UK) – from hilarious and naughty card games to mind-bending trivia and clever gifts, they have something the whole family can enjoy.

Learn more about Ginger Fox >

Go Genius Logos - red and yellow-01.png

(UK) – award-winning range of educational board games. A fun, engaging way for children to expand their knowledge of key subjects.

Learn more about Go Genius >


(US) – discover safe, eco-friendly outdoor fun and colourful excitement with Goblies' Paintballs and Play Paint!

Learn more about Goblies >


Licensed Watches – You Monkey

Inspire kids to learn how to read the time, and be on time, with our beautiful range of officially licensed watches.

Learn more about You Monkey Licensed Watches >

MM Artwork3.png

(UK) –  impressive range of tricks, illusions and stunts suitable for every skill level, from budding magicians to seasoned professionals.

Learn more about Marvin's Magic >

Melting Miracles.png

(UK) – a fantastic twist on the classic putty experience. Kids can build their favourite figurines, watch them melt, and start the fun all over again.

Learn more about Melting Miracles >

mindful&co_kids_greyscale logo-01 (1).png

(Australia) – with sensory items, gratitude, puzzles and calming sprays, Mindful takes a playful approach to nurturing kids’ emotional well-being.

Learn more about Mindful & Co Kids >


(US) – simply the tiniest, cutest, most kick-butt Bluetooth animal speakers on the planet!

Learn more about My Audio Pet >

Project Genius.png

(US) – puzzles that strike a balance between timeless design and modern sophistication.

Learn more about Project Genius >


(UK) 5000+ products – retro-inspired toys and games for kids, gifts for all ages, and homeware. Consistently one of our best selling ranges.

Learn more about Rex London >

images (2).png

(US) – the ultimate portable silicone range of keyboard and percussion instruments. Designed for maximum fun and musical education.

Learn more about Rock & Roll It >


(US) – with their range of novelty sunglasses, party-goers can transform into characters from film, TV and video games.

Learn more about Sun-Staches >


(UK) – huge selection of quality, fun, innovative games, gifts, candles, party decorations and accessories.

Learn more about Talking Tables >

Te Tonic.png

(Spain) – imagine a tea bag, but tailored for cocktails! Their innovative range of cocktail infusion kits can help anyone become a master mixologist.

Learn more about Té Tonic >


(Poland) – impressive assortment of premium blue board puzzles catering to every skill level and passion.

Learn more about Trefl >

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