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Licensed Watches

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Inspire kids to learn how to read the time, and be on time, with our beautiful range of officially licensed watches. Our top-selling range features ever popular Marvel, Disney, Minecraft, DC Comics and Pokémon characters, making them a year-round hit.  

Designed with both fun and education in mind, our Time Teacher Watches make learning to tell time a breeze with labelled dials and an interactive time telling guide included.

Crafted with a premium Japanese mechanism ensuring accurate time keeping and comfortable silicone straps, this range is an ideal gift for those looking for something a little more unique. 

For those seeking a fashionable yet functional accessory, our Digital Light Up Watches are the perfect choice. With a simple button press, the entire face illuminates for 10 seconds, showcasing a playful array of colours. The perfect accessory and watch for our younger customers.

Our You Monkey watches are more than a stylish accessory, they also aid children in mastering the art of telling the time, a skill that lasts a lifetime.

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